Welcome to my world...

Emeka Ukaga was born in Colorado but spent the majority of his childhood growing up in Minnesota. With aspirations at a young age to design buildings, his parents were very supportive and ensured he had all the opportunities needed in order for him to excel and develop on a path to achieve his goals of being a modern day "Master Builder". As he grew up, he developed an interest in entrepreneurism and socioeconomic development that impacted his academic pursuits and life trajectory. Committed to his roots in Africa—particularly Nigeria—as an Igbo-American, Emeka speaks Igbo, English, French, and has aspirations to bring positive change and development to the continent.

Currently at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing dual bachelor degrees in the History of Art & Architecture and Civil Engineering, Emeka continues to diversify his interests by serving as the COO and Co-Founder of a startup: GLIMPSE, head of the creative organization: METASIDE Creative Collective, as well as being a leader on campus. Pursuing Certificates in African Studies, Western European Studies, Global Studies, Medieval & Renaissance Studies, and International Engineering, Emeka is committed to learning and eventually changing the world in a beneficial impactful way.


Photo Credits: Forbes Under 30 Summit